Saturday, February 14, 2009

Robin Linden's Farewell Flotilla

I am not sure there could have been a better tribute to Robin Linden as she crossed over from her role at Linden Lab to join us as a Resident.

People from around the world gathered to say goodbye to Robin.

Ham Rambler shared thoughts and well wishes from those unable to attend, and some that were able to attend. My personal favorite:
Robin. Words fail. Prokofy
Philip joined us and shared a few thoughts, M Linden did not.

The voice channel and Dublin2 sim was griefed, but we all came back when we could.

Dizzy Banjo sang soulfully to an avatar flotilla as we waited for the sim to return.

When Dublin2 returned, everyone took care to pluck people from the flotilla to reconvene.

There were missives and murmurings.
"Did we get everyone?". "Can someone TP so and so?"
People shared of themselves as they knew best.

Dizzy, Cylindrian, Frogg and I got to share our music.

It was heartfelt.

It was classic Second Life.

[11:36] Robin Linden: I'll see you all on the other side, as they say.
[11:36] Grace McDunnough: This side is more fun
[11:36] Robin Linden: I bet it is Grace!
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