Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indiana Rosedale Triumphantly Returns (cracking whip)

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Virtual world renowned pioneer and archeologist Philip Indiana Rosedale has reportedly returned triumphantly from a three week excursion through the Lost Gardens of M to the world / platform he left behind over two years ago.

Although reports of sightings have not been corroborated (see update at end of post), Rosedale touted his return and treasured findings in a telegram to the forgotten civilization.

Cryptography experts have been hard at work trying to decipher the telegram and the accompanying long form post but so far there are no breakthroughs.

Calls to the open source code cracking channels have been dispatched, but it seems even the infamous Love Machine is having trouble recruiting enough talent to unlock the sekrets of this curious message.

Various collectivist working groups are attempting to decipher the message as well, scribbling their findings in unreadable jargon on wikis and randomly updated pastebin postings. There is no official word yet from the outlying factionistas, although interpreters are likely hard at work chiseling away at the sectarian discourse.

In the mean time, droves of hobos, oldbies, lost souls and malcontents are filling the run down Linden sims and once vibrant welcome areas, setting up shanty towns in preparation for what they are calling the great Second Coming. Merchants are taking advantage of the recent influx of weary travelers, selling various novelties and memorabilia in advance of the big event.

Crowds affiliated with the notoriously underground group known as the SL community are lagging about anxiously, awaiting more information about the mysterious thing called basics. Most are expressing a mix of interest and concern over the impending event and what a return to basics will mean to their beleaguered businesses and shared experiences.

So far, no other artifacts of Indiana's epic return have been revealed. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Papparatzi Paddy has sent in a photo that he claims is a recent shot of Indiana Phil, fresh from the field.  You decide.

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