Sunday, August 15, 2010

I meant fun like the iPhone

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cartoon by Hugh MacLeod
Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale opted to miss the first two days of his family vacation to address this year's Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) after a few people speculated about why he wasn't attending in person, calling him out for "phoning it in" and speculating about the financial health of the company. Apparently it was more important to squelch those than to .. I dunno, live?

Speaking of phones, Philip opened the talk with a clarification of what the Fun part of the "Fast Easy Fun" strategic guideposts really meant.
I didn't mean fun like World of Warcraft, I meant fun like the iphone.
Philip then paused to admire his new Droid.

Acta, non verba

Another notable part of the opening was that Philip announced that the Lab will get into the process and tempo of delivering a roadmap to the community in return for a measures of success based on action rather than communication.
I hope you'll judge us by our actions as a company really, more than by the conversation that we have around this stuff. Not that conversation isn't important, because in many cases it evolves the actual features and things we do but ..
It's really more important at this point to evaluate us on our capabilities and what we actually deliver, tell you in some cases we're going to deliver and you know, measure us against that rather than measuring us on the nature of the process of communication.
It was Crap Mariner who captured the spirit of the judge us by our actions ideal after Philip's SLCC keynote - reminding us of  the motto of the Merchant Marines:

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I have a secret list

Philip walked through two lists of things that are being worked on by the 15 scrum teams at the Lab but he also said he would blog the details of all that he covered in the keynote, so in the spirit of Acta, non verba, I'm going to wait until he does so I don't misinterpret what:  "We are going to ship mesh." really means.

If you missed the keynote, I captured the audio of the talk or you can watch Philip's keynote courtesy of

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