Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Tale of Two Apathies

Once upon a time, tucked far away on a tiny planet in the far reaches of the Googleverse, a handful of Engineers worked day upon night to build the next big thing. They huddled in a small like-minded group, far away from the distractions of the Googledroids as well as the outposts and villages teeming with recent Googleverts.

By the light of their small sun that never sets, they tinkered with their thoughts of the future, driven by the HTML-5 beat of a Chromium plated drum.

After what seemed like an eternity, the day finally came to unveil the fruit of their long labor. A hush fell over the faithful crowd of gathered Gooogledroids as the Engineers stumbled through a demonstration of their contraption that would define the future.

The normally restless Googlian crowd stayed oddly still as the new apparatus whirred before them. The Engineer ring leader waved his hands artfully to and fro and soon the crowd frenzied into a laptop waving whirl. It was a long awaited and glorious day. The Court Jester made them laugh and the Cardinal anointed them the Chosen Few.

Each of the Chosen Few were given a handful of fairy dusted invitations and were asked to help spread the Wave to the masses. And so they set off to do just that - with stars in their eyes and double rainbow joy in their hearts.

As the Chosen Few returned to their home planets and gleefully planted their seeds of the future, the self-amassing Early Adopter Army spread out across the Googleverse in a giant Wave of anticipation. Early Adopters recruited other Early Adopters and soon a few random villagers cracked the army ranks. But as they reached critical mass, the enthusiastic Buzz from the Army started to dull.

Lights flickered on laptops in the local cafes (the ones that still offer free wifi), as the Early Adopter charge spent hours trying to sort out their blips from their wavelets. Caffeine crazed Early Adopters fashioned gadgets, robots and posted embeds of their trials.

But it was clear that something was wrong.

"This isn't how this, or this, or this used to work." muttered the befuddled Googledroids.
"Of course not - it's filled with unimaginable marvelous goodness!" replied the Engineers.

"All of these new words and odd interfaces are really confusing." stammered the shocked masses of Googleverts.
"You aren't giving it a chance! Watch the videos! Read the manual!" demanded the Engineers.

"None of this really meshes well with how we currently get things done." whimpered the beleaguered Early Adopters.
"It's time to change the way you work!" cheered the Engineers.

"I've invested hours upon hours on this to no obvious end. Where is this all going?" queried the die-hard Googlians.
"We told you already .... it's the future." replied the wearying Engineers.

Bit by bit, the self-amassing Army growth slowed and the Early Adopter questions and concerns crawled to a halt.

A giant Wave of Apathy swept through the Googleverse, strangling the Early Adopters and leaving behind a deafening silence. All that could be heard were the sounds of the Engineers, still marching to the HTML-5 beat of a Chromium plated drum.

The Masters of the Goolgeverse decided swift action was required before the Wave of Apathy found new vectors to infect the Googleverts. Defying the absolute laws of nature, they disabled gravity and sent out a message to the far reaches of the Googalaxy announcing the end of the Wave of the Future because "despite these wins, and numerous loyal fans, (the) Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked."

Meanwhile, tucked far away on a tiny planet in the outer reaches of the Metaverse, a small like-minded group of Engineers sit around a virtual campfire, sharing songs of woe and misunderstanding while devising the next big thing - completely oblivious to the Plague of Apathy that is about to descend upon their Nation.

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