Thursday, October 14, 2010

Second Life Mesh Meets Fast Easy Fun

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Mesh (not this mesh) is now live on the Second Life Beta Grid which means my calculus is looking like a gnarly partial differential equation with interesting variables such as perception, adoption, usage, economics, etc. I don't think anyone's solved it yet; there is a lot to think about.

It's beautiful, man

One thing is certain, mesh builds can be a beautiful thing. Take a look at Timmi Allen's amusingly ironic museum filled with dinosaurs (Indigo Mertel's capture above) which has become the iconic symbol for the mesh movement. It captures even the dullest visual imagination.

I am confident that more talented mesh creators will construct and import wondrous creations into our little virtual world. The indagatricis in me cannot wait to explore the meshaverse once it emerges from the betasphere and enters the main grid.

Fast Easy Fun

Mesh might make my Second Life experience more fun even if the adoption is low, assuming it doesn't come with enormous amounts of experience stewing lag.  (Please, please, please tell me I won't have to wait twice as long for a mesh to rez as a sculpt.)

There is a lot of discussion about mesh and what it may or may not be, but my guess in the end is that it may boil down to a more individual experience than anything else.

How will mesh fit your interpretation of Fast Easy Fun? UPDATE: Yes, this is seriously flawed poll in terms of completeness (my bad), but pick the one that you think it will impact the most and you can expound in the comments.

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