Tuesday, December 11, 2012

May We Borrow Your Automata?

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A world of automata – of creatures that worked like machines – would hardly be worth creating.   - CS Lewis
The only pair (as far as we know) of 19th century mirror-image gold, enameled and jeweled singing bird pistol automata sold for a little more than $5.8 million USD last year at Christie's International Important Watches Sale in Hong Kong.

In this episode of I Have To Tell You Something, Salome tries to convince me that she'd like to borrow the pair of pistols for Christmas (for a small rental fee). Her plea is initially believable, but turns out just to be a ruse intended to get me to talk about Perfect Polly. 

I am not amused.

Episode notes:

  • One of our two listeners asked: Why don't you podcast more often? My answer in a few words: "So, one more thing, and then you can (like) fix everything in edit." Feel my pain.
  • This is the lovely "steam-punky mechanical thingy" that started the conversation about singing bird automatas.
  • Variability is obviously a tough word for some to enunciate. Sort of like ... cinnamon.
  • Perfect Polly (as seen on TV!) is a blight on the Earth. 
  • Hugo is a delightful Scorsese interpretation of a beautifully illustrated novel by Brian Selznik. It's available in HD streaming video for Amazon Prime members. Automatons are optional.
  • While we didn't discuss it, Salome may be on to something - borrowing gifts for Christmas may be the new black. I mean, red and green.

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