Monday, October 30, 2006

Giving Virtually

October was National Breast Awareness month and on Sunday my dear friend Micala Lumiere coordinated an all day live music benefit to support the cause. She held the event on her sim, called Mill Pond, in Second Life.

Several musicians generously donated their time and talent to support the cause, and over the course of the day nearly $700 US was raised thanks to the kindness of those that came to listen to donate. For my part, I made pink ribbon benefit t-shirts and sold them at the event, but sold even more thanks to Second Life merchants Sasy Scarborough and Feri Beckenbauer. Sasy manages the House of Zen and Feri is owner and creator of Beckenbauer Productions.

The entire day was a new SL experience for me as I witnessed first-hand the giving nature of Second Life's community. There have been a few fund raisers in SL, some small, some large - but each making an true impact. Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society raised $40,000 from the virtual Relay for Life event in which my friend DrFran ran around SL dressed like a giant snail leaving the requisite slime trail as she went - all for a good cause.

These types of SL events help keep us all grounded in what otherwise might feel like a giant circus of over sensationalized events and public relations splashes. It's these events that remind us that a good part of the Second Life essence is community - real community - expressed virtually, breaking the bounds of geography, race, and stereotype.
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