Thursday, November 30, 2006

NBC Tree Lighting -- Size Doesn't Matter

WARNING: This really is a "deep thinker" post in disguise although, a lot is left to the reader so put on your thinking cap if you dare.

I was at NBC 17 last night for the tree lighting event and before my inbox fills up with a multitude of "largest event ever in Second Life" posts - I have just one thing to say ...
Size does not matter.
Are we surprised that a highly publicized event spread out over 19 sims attracted a reported 1,000 avatars on the night of a *massive* and nearly crippling SL upgrade? No, of course not.

Several well known Second Life live performers can attract 30-40 people on any given night to a sim. And if/when Philip shows up to an event you can double that, triple it even if you dare to get stuck in lag stew. How many times have you tried to get to an event only to see the "region is full" message? You want a big event? The recipe is straightforward, and should I say "old media" does it very well. No, size does not matter.

So what does matter? Did you *feel* like you were immersed in the actual space at Rockefeller Center? Was it better than watching Al Roker on your 37 inch plasma? Was it more compelling than battling the crush of the RL crowds? Did the build impress anyone? Did you venture to the Rainbow Room (wearing your jeans AND sneakers, you anarchist) and stand in awe of the marvelous texturing, lighting and panorama? Were the free gifts of hats, mittens, scarves and skates a welcome surprise? Did you feel warm and cuddly as the tree was lit?

Or ... did you get blasted into the air - as I did twice - by some random griefer and wonder why at least push wasn't disabled on the sim?

What mattered to you?
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