Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Philip Linden Shares the Virtual Mission

I *thought* I was going to start my own N-part series on the the potential harmonious union of Second Life immersionists/augmentationists today, but Philip Rosedale's post on the Linden Lab blog entitled "The Mission of Linden Lab" caught my attention and admittedly held it for more than a few minutes.

After a few reads, I've decided that Philip's mission statement is actually a very good introduction to the discourse, and tomorrow I will likely use some of the quotes from it as a jumping off point, such as this:
Given this prelude, my best definition of our mission is that we are working to create an online world having the exceptional property that it advances the capabilities of the many people that use it, and by doing so affects and transforms them in a positive way.
The underpinnings of the SL model, i.e. the world is created and owned by the residents, suggest that SL Residents must play an EQUAL PART in this mission. After reading the comments, I'm not sure we all share that perspective.
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