Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Magic of Baron Grayson

An artist is one who can capture your soul, take it on a fantastic journey and return it safely, albeit transformed. A true master leaves you longing for the next trip. - Grace McDunnough
The works of Baron Grayson, the elusive yet prolific creator of Sanctum Sanctorum and proprietor of RELIC, the Standing Stone Irish Pub and his infamous pirate ship will capture your eye, heart, soul and spirit - else you are most certainly deceased.

There are few places in Second Life that I travel to time and time again with the urgency and anticipation of a child visiting Disneyland. Sanctum Sanctorum and the surrounding sims are such a place - definitely not a "one and done" trip - the journey is always a delight.

The image above is of a church previously accessible but now sitting on a plot that is off limits; it's warm hues and subtle uses of light promise to deliver yet another magical experience for the weary traveler.

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