Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Second Life Welcomes Microsoft

A tip from Mark at 3pointd reminded me that Millions of Us is ushering Microsoft Visual Studio to Second Life. I teleported to the island this morning to check things out.

There are actually two Microsoft islands that officially open Thursday May 10th, 6PM SLT according to the sign posted at the landing point. The pair are a bit sparse although they may be dedicated to a game indicated by a sign in the lobby of the auditorium that says:
This isn't your average game. You may have noticed something floating high above the island. A select few will gain access to it and reap rich rewards. But be warned, this is not for the faint of heart or meek of mind.
The something floating above the island is a blimp, and you can see a bit more of it in the promotional video on YouTube entitled "What's In The Blimp?".

My guess is this is a play to tap into the machinima community. If you haven't seen the Microsoft Visual Studio Defy All Challenges promo site dedicated to machinima, you should go check it out. Other rumors are that future releases of Second Life will run only on the Microsoft OS. (ok, I made that up)
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