Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. Paffendorf Says Hello to the Future

Jerry Paffendorf (aka SNOOPYbrown Zamboni) announced his departure as The Electric Sheep Company's "Futurist in Residence" yesterday. I heard it first on Twitter, which is becoming a tool on which I increasingly rely in a tumultuous love - hate relationship.

Many times I heard people say that Jerry had "", but being a "Futurist" can be hard work. The world we live in today is changing more quickly than I think many of us truly understand, or stop to think about other than to randomly (and annoyingly) quote Moore's Law.

No Futurist can spend much time running about talking about what we already know and are adopting, rather they have the tough job of opening our minds to yet to fore adopted ideas and trends, and try to help shape thinking likewise. For a Futurist, it can get lonely out there, where there is no one to hear you fall.

Futurists sometimes have the unenviable job of pointing out the obvious, or assembling facts in creative ways that once revealed, make you think "oh, $#%*". Perhaps this compelling video will show you what I mean.

Shift Happens - Watch more free videos

Jerry is off to pursue his passions and a new business venture for a service that combines passive gaming, lifestreaming, and collaborative web browsing with virtual world elements. Best of luck to Jerry, Entrepreneur.
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