Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weblin to Second Life: Meaningful Interoperability

Weblin's recent announcement that you can transform your Second Life avatar into a weblin for travels along the web is a fantastic example of meaningful and relevant interoperability between virtual worlds.

Early adopter Second Lifers have already adopted weblins as a means by which to chat and socialize outside of the virtual world of Second Life, whether it's attending Malburns and Tara's brilliant Metaverse Week in Review show, or just catching up while the grid is down.

From Venture Beat: Normally, you’d create your own Weblin avatar. But now Weblin has a “photo booth” within the Weblin House space within Second Life. Users enter the photo booth with their avatars. The avatars are then captured using Weblin’s software and recreated in the Weblin universe.

It’s essentially like exporting a character from one game to another. The Weblin characters are smaller than actual Second Life characters. They walk around at the bottom of a screen so they don’t obscure the user’s view of the web page. Linden Lab actively supports the teleportation application. The service is free.

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