Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun With the Linden Lab Family Tree

Today, Linden Lab announced the latest round of Executives to the family.

M Linden reports from the Second Life blog:
As those of you who follow Linden Lab have probably noticed, I’ve been expanding the executive team since I joined in May, 2008. Each hire has been focused on major initiatives within the Lab designed to make Second Life more reliable, more relevant and more usable.

The latest Linden additions include Brian Michon (Michon Linden) from Intuit as VP of Core Development, and Judy Wade (Judy Linden) as VP of Strategy and Emerging Business, from Kapor Enterprises. Both notably abandoned the Alphabet Linden naming convention that was so trendy in 2008 and are adopting more creative names.

As you can see, I mapped out a Linden Lab Executive family tree of sorts, and had some fun reviewing various bits of data. Let's take a look at some interesting tidbits.

There are now twelve disciples of Philip, I mean Executives, that comprise the Linden Lab leadership team.

That's 12 Executives for just over 200 employees (say 250 to be fair) which means roughly an allocation of 21 employees per Executive. (President Obama will have roughly 15 cabinet leaders give or take a few [update: deleting tongue-in-cheek "to run the United States" to avoid confusion per Prokofy's comment.])

The Executive team has a combined years of experience with the Lab of 248 months (assuming Yoon started in 2002 with Harper), that yields on average just about 20.66 months of experience per Executive.

The team is derived from diverse backgrounds and the following companies:
Organic Inc. - Kingdon
AOL - Ambrose
Adobe - Hale
Electronic Arts (EA) - Harper
Intuit - Michon
Pixar Animation Studios - Look
eBay Inc. - Roberts
San Jose Museum of Art - Skyberg
McKinsey & Company - Wade
Airespace - Yoon
HouseValues - Zdanowski

I posted earlier this week that this Linden Lab is not the same one Second Life Residents bonded with over the years.

This Lab is vastly different with arguably very little experience in the virtual world and/or gaming space and/or online space, so we'll need to start changing our assumptions and presumptions about everything.

This is not your father's Second Life.

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