Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Encapsulated to Experiential - IDEO On the Future of the Book

Global design consultancy group IDEO has been thinking about the future of books unleashed in the digital ecosphere.

Duane Bray and Robert Lenne from IDEO have produced "The Future of the Book", which imagines new reading experiences that transform linear narratives into interactive and contextually relevant experiences in the context of a few questions:
What new experiences might be created by linking diverse discussions?
What additional value could be created by connecting readers to one another?
What innovative ways might we use to tell our favorite stories and build community around books?
IDEO cleverly named the three "faces of tomorrow's books" Nelson, Coupland and Alice - in deference to Nelson Mandela, Douglas Coupland, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. You will have to watch the video to understand why.

While IDEO focuses on books their ideas can be applied equally well to media and storytelling overall, in all forms, to move consumption beyond the encapsulated to the experiential.

The Human Graph

One of the most intriguing elements of the IDEO concept to me is that is demonstrates a move beyond just the overused Social Graph to the Human Graph. The Human Graph embraces our identity as a construct rather than just a username tied to "friends" and friends of friends. It appreciates the nuances of relationship - contextually and dynamically - and not just as a static label.

My human graph is less about friends and followers and more about connecting to the world. It's a dynamic, ever changing construct of lenses by which I view myself and my world. It's a non-linear journey of discovery, sharing and discussion. It's a prism of interests, intentions, needs, beliefs, and ideas.

It's a road to experience, not encapsulation.

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