Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What "The L"?

Other than the NBC tree lighting, I have yet to see such a large single media entity island presence in Second Life as what I saw today.

The picture below is a map snaphot showing a set of twenty-five (25) islands all representing Showtime's "The L Word". You might call it the Continent of The L if it were not simply duplicates of the same island.

Additionally, there are eight (8) other The L Word islands, all but one appear to be dedicated to orientation for newbie L Word fans rushing to get their mixed world experience on. There are plenty of billboard style cues that direct people to planned events, as well as shopping and popular off island destinations such as Yadni's Junkyard.

This morning I found several avis, new and old, roaming around The Planet for a morning cup of coffee.

I don't know what the plans are for such an agressive in world presence, but I plan to keep my eye on this development. The investment (notwithstanding initial and on going ESC development costs) are roughly $55,275 island purchase, plus $9735 per month maintenance = $65,010 first month - a tiny sliver of a first rate cable show marketing budget.

Go Showtime, go ....
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