Saturday, February 17, 2007

The City Breathes .. Myst Online Uru Lives

Let me just start by saying that Rand Miller, the co creator of the Myst franchise, is a rock star. I've had the pleasure of meeting Rand on a few occasions and he's basically the patron saint of the gaming community but as a person Rand oozes creativity, energy, passion and as they like to say in Canada, he's good people. But I know this, I got to meet him in the flesh.

Yesterday hoards of adoring fans flocked to the opening of the Myst Uru Live island in Second Life to celebrate the release of Myst Online Uru Live and to meet Rand and several members of the talented Cyan World development team in their pixelated form. I've been to a good number of "celebrity" functions in Second Life, but at none have I witnessed such adoring and overwhelmingly appreciative fans. The island was full for a solid three hours and the sim crashed at least once.

Henry Jenkins take note, you haven't covered the landscape of true fans and attendant communities until you've spent some time in the caverns.
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