Monday, April 16, 2007

Second Life Indagatrix: Geek Squad Island

I saw the announcements earlier this month, but just recently found my way to Geek Squad Island. The build promotes the Geek Squad services, and has office hours from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. EDT, seven days a week which may come in very handy after Wednesday's update. According to the Geek Squad site,
Geek Squad Island will act as the virtual home for Geek Squad, a place where customers and Agents can interact in digital space. Housed atop a pair of volcanoes connected by a steel-and-glass transit system, the island is an immersive environment in which residents can explore the Geek Squad mythos, interact one-on-one with real life Geek Squad Agents in avatar form and test out a virtual representation of real world support services.
There is an underground amphitheater and transit system from which you can take a transit tube ride to either the House of the Future or The Volcano and History Museum. If you are sensitive to motion, I would recommend that you just fly. The transit tubes are interesting, but a blur of grey and orange was not my personal favorite although I did get this great inside shot.

The House of the Future has a tour HUD; don't miss it like I did on the first visit. It provides you with a description of the elements that a well-equipped futuristic house might have such as a Murphy bed. Yes, I said Murphy bed. Who needs a Geek Squad when you have a Murphy bed?

The Volcano area has a spinning disc platform over the volcano on which to entertain yourself with bumper cars. If you've come alone you may get bored quickly since there aren't any NPC around to abuse or bump. And a note to the ladies or gents wearing kilts, you have to wear a bumper car attachment that will attach where your skirt *was* so be forewarned.
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