Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Second Life Indagatrix: NBA

The Electric Sheep Company have escorted the NBA into Second Life with the launch of four islands: NBA Courts, NBA Jam Session, NBA Arena and NBA Orientation. With the exception of NBA Courts which is presently all ocean, the island names are self explanatory in terms of their intent or use.

The NBA Arena island houses the gigantic T- Mobile Arena, which also hosts the NBA store where for a mere L$100 you can get a jersey from your favorite team, or if you are on a budget and less fashion-conscious get a set of sweatbands for L$15.

NBA Jam Session houses video and interactive games and from this avi's perspective, the most entertaining is the Toyota Crash the Board Court. Grab an NBA Toolbar (HUD) and a basketball, and make sure you have *plenty* of time on your hands, because you will soon become addicted to the slam dunk application. Brilliantly coded by Ushuaia Tokugawa, the slam dunk game - much like the AOL Sticky Wall - is a fun way to waste some time, and yes it is strangely addicting.

You may have noticed that branding other than NBA is prevalent on the four island suite - with primary players T-Mobile, Toyota, and Cisco. This is an interesting new development in big brand presence in world. Maybe it's just me, but I found the T-Mobile phone *booth* a bit ironic.

Nonetheless, if you are into the NBA, go waste some time and maybe a few $L.
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