Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ask Patty About Cars and Second Life

Second Life Indagatrix: Ask Patty
Ask Patty is launching a Second Life venue on Pontiac's Motorati Island. You say you've never heard of Well then, shame on you. Go read the Press Release for the requisite details then you *must* go see this build. If you want to join the festivities, the grand opening is May 11th from 4-9PM SLT and if I didn't have a live music gig, I'd definitely be there.

I'll tell you up front that I *love* this build. It's small but appropriate, and I would gush for pages about it, but since most of you didn't even know who Patty was (tsk tsk) I'll just give you a handful of reasons I think it's a brilliant new entry.

1) Tap the Creative Brain Trust
While it's true that the big 3-4 developers have scooped up a lot of the Second Life creative class and have them grinding out large corporate installations, SL is not short of creative genius. Patty Streeter hit pay dirt by selecting the talented Osprey Therian. And, for big bonus points in my book, Patty took the time to recommend Osprey on the SL Universe forums.

2) Smash, Mash, Blend the Brand
I appreciate builds that blend branding with what the Second Life platform provides, and this installation certainly does. The stylish roadster houses an office as well as interactive spark plugs that allow you to access the services that provides.

3) Spread the Love
AskPatty buttons and t-shirts allow you to take the brand with you. Yes, I know we all hate to follow the little blue box back to the web, but *some* day this won't be as painful.

4) Choose the Right Location
The AskPatty build is located on Motorati which is technically the appropriate alignment. I know, you are asking yourself "do any women actually go to Motorati?" I suspect women who are interested in cars may drop by, but is that the target audience? This may be the achilles heel for Patty and friends, only time will tell.

5) Mix it Up
Don't forget about the power of mixed media. Osprey did a short machinima piece, but I do wish there was more variety of content in the build such as the AskPatty podcast.

Go on, take it for a spin.

Editors note: I've decided to drop the "Second Life Indagatrix" from my post titles as it was confusing several people as well as search engines.
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