Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welfare in Second Life?

Following the "green dot" syndrome I found myself at Welfare Island, a place consisting of a largely empty brick building, two trailers, a few "Uncle Sam" statues, 52 dance pads, 100 avatars some proudly wearing a "I'm on welfare" tag, and a confederate flag. What's the draw? I know what you're thinking: "It's Second Life, it must be sex!".

Wrong guess Shirky, here lies a welfare program with an island that shouts out you constantly:
Welfare Island shouts: Click on an Uncle Sam Statue and fill out surveys to earn L$500 or More! Our surveys are SPAM FREE and take only minutes to complete!
Welfare Island shouts: Make more money here than anywhere else in Second Life! Click on an Uncle Sam Statue, then click "Go to page". Fill out some SPAM FREE quick offers!
Welfare Island shouts: Become a Welfare Island Affiliate! Click on the box located behind the mobile homes to get your own Affiliate Machine. Make 50% on top of what the surveyee (sic) makes by placing these statues on your land.
Welfare Island shouts: STOP CAMPING!!!! You'll make more money filling out surveys!
OK, I'll admit it. When I first discovered Second Life I camped a bit. I camped to meet people and see if I could, through the course of conversation, figure it out. I camped at a regular spot often next to Dolly Heart, part of the largely successful Heart Garden Centre who at that time had "I"m here helping a friend" in her profile.

Camping as a research approach proved to be less than fulfilling as most people there were equally clueless, and many merely "mining" their way to wealth. Camping is almost a right of passage albeit an ugly, unfortunate passage and I was mildly amused at the innovative approach Uncle Sands has taken to exploit the ill informed newbie populus. By the way, if you go there take a fresh alt, as most people were seemingly suspicious of my avatar's "age".

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