Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Second Life Questions

I have a few questions lingering in my mind this week.

#5. Who or what group is now leading the replacement for Burning Life, BURN 2.0?
I have a couple of answers to question #5, from various but largely unconfirmed sources but illustrative. 
Burning Life - as it was known in Second Life - will no longer be an officially sanctioned Linden Lab / Second Life event.
Instead, the Burning Life concept as a virtual extension of Burning Man is being reclaimed and privately managed under the name "BURN 2.0" by former Linden employee Dusty Udal and partner m2DangerRanger. I am assuming that m2DangerRanger is Burning Man staff member Danger Ranger, Director of Genetic Programming, and one of the original Burning Man founders.
More details should follow, likely on the other side of the line.
#4. Who was awarded a Golden Ticket for Friday's in-world meeting with Philip Rosedale and Bob Komin?
Congratulations go to @bevanwhitfield, a confirmed random Golden Ticket recipient!
#3. What is this mysterious "back to basics"?
I think just maybe something related to today's message.

#2. Is double-C BK Linden a redshirt?

And my number one lingering question is ...

#1. Has anyone deciphered this riddle buried in the latest Linden Search post Search Release, It's An Event 
Search performance depends, in part, on Viewer performance and every Viewer release improves Search performance.
Do you have the answers?
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