Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Second Life Historian Chris Pirillo Tells All

cc image courtesy flickr.com/photos/lockergnome
Recently Chris Pirillo "founder and maintainer of Lockergnome, a network of blogs, web forums, mailing lists and online communities" provided a much needed revisionist history lesson about "What happened to Second Life?" for his loyal community members.
Over on Lockergnome, Guyfromdenmark wonders why Second Life never became a hit. When it was first launched, he (and all of us, really) thought that it would be a HUGE deal. It pretty much just fizzled and died, and our Denmark friend asks the community their thoughts on what happened.
Other than the "it pretty much fizzled and died" teaser, Chris reveals the real heart of Second Life history:
Nothing really “happened” to it other than being overrun by people addicted to porn and gambling.
So, there you go. The world according to Lockergnome.

A few people have asked if Chris has ever been in Second Life, and the answer is yes.

He joined in 2006 as Wicket Pixie (also pictured above) and his assessment then "Second Life, I don't Get It" garnered a reply from Robert Scoble. Scoble offered to help Chris out saying:
Here's a little secret Chris: Second Life IS lame. Why? Cause the people in Second Life are the ones who built it. Think about that one for a while. Maybe if it's lame you just haven't built something not lame yet.

So there you have it.

Second Life pretty much fizzled and died because it was lame, was overrun by people addicted to porn and gambling, and remains a snooze.

I wonder if he still has that box on his head?

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