Sunday, August 08, 2010

Save Our Ship? USS Second Life

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Is it just me, or has a monsoon of "how to save Second Life" conversation hit our virtual world schooner?

Life preservers are being carefully crafted - achievements! mesh! immersion! free land! social media! - and flung over the side with reckless abandon with nary a "heads up below!" warning.

Often I am compelled to run around commenting here and there, but right now I'd rather not risk treading the dispirited waters lest I get wrinkled fingers and toes.

Instead I'll just stand here clutching my sculpted life preserver, sipping a glass of icy mint tea, singing to myself and wondering ...

Does Second Life need to be saved? Saved from what exactly? 

Extinction, you say? Surely you mean "extinction" like the triceratops or the brontosaurus.. right

Have we become so disillusioned with that which originally captured our imaginations and hearts?

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