Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Really Good Idea Wagon

Salome Strangelove and I have been friends for a long time - long enough for me to know when "Hey, I have a great idea!" deserves a measured and calm reply: "No, actually, that's a really bad idea."

But occasionally, it happens. In a moment of weakness or temporary insanity, my reply isn't quite sharp enough and off we go on the really good idea wagon, inevitably careening over a cliff in only the very best Calvin and Hobbes blissful kind of way.

And thusly, from the smoke and ash of what was yet another really good idea wagon ride - the "Salome and Grace: I Have To Tell You Something" podcast was born.

Episode 1: A Nation of Seans
This week we introduce the first episode of adventures sans destination. In response to the recent and horrifying reality that the cloning of our beloved Sean McPherson may encounter resistance from the primary source, a few desperate and poorly considered extreme measures are presented.

Episode Note: For those who may not be aware, SeanMcPherson Senior is a supporter of the arts, a tech genius and the nicest guy we’ve ever met. He also leaves concerts early to have his wife’s supper ready when she gets home. A Nation of Seans is our only hope and we welcome your solutions to this global problem.

Episode Sidebar: Despite my initial bout of temporary insanity, I regained my composure enough to maintain final editorial control of the audio which is, you know, only reasonable. To give you listeners some context of what I must endure, I have added outtakes from the ongoing stream of Salome consciousness. Please take this into consideration should you choose to listen to this in the company of others.

Good Idea Wagon Series Note: Several years ago, Salome suggested we do a podcast together - she said she made a website and everything. At that time, we both realized we didn’t have the time and we both hated the sounds of our speaking voices. But - thanks to the temporary loss of my mental faculties - the idea seems like a really good one now, so this new feature will be interpreted here on Phasing Grace as well as on Salome's site: SalomeSays  (although mine will likely be posted after Salome's because I am clever). We’ll endeavor to post something on Tuesday on lighthearted and/or geek-crucial topics. I have tried to get Salome to limit her orations to something around 2-5 minutes, but I'll be happy if we can just finish a thought or two. Salome claims to be working with a therapist but I make no promises on the outcome of said claims.
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