Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Major Tom to Mars One

I read somewhere (okay yes, it was the Internet) that Neil Armstrong volunteered to command the first manned mission to Mars. He would have rocked it. I wonder if he talked to the Dutch Mars One team - a wild cast of characters with their minds set on getting a few good men and women living on the red planet by 2023. It sounds like a real-world E ticket. There's just one catch; it's a one way ticket.

The Mars One team wants to land four lucky astronauts on Mars by 2023. From that fateful day forward, the emigrants will settle down in what will be their home forever since, as we know, getting people *back* from Mars is nothing but a pesky detail. I wish I'd been at that design meeting: "Hey, I have an idea, why don't we just leave them there?"

If signing up for a one-way ticket to ride doesn't frighten you, then also consider how team leader Bas Lansdorp intends to pay for this extravaganza - you get to be the next Mars Idol. The business model for this endeavor is no less that Snooki in Space - or, Martian Housewives, the next global reality TV sensation.

Welcome to Mars.

This week's episode of our I Have To Tell You Something podcast goes where we've never gone before: from the far reaches of Mars with the Curiosity crew and the ethics of sending 20 year old males into space, all the way to the dark recesses of Salome's secret Snooki crush.

Apparently, we're still recovering from the Mister Rogers mishap.

Episode notes: 
Salome informed me post-edit that she does not watch Snooki reruns, she watches Frazier reruns - as if that were a forgivable offense.  But of course I believe her.

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