Thursday, February 22, 2007

Second Life Indagatrix: Leo Burnett

This is the first post in a new series I'm calling Second Life Indagatrix (with apologies to my good friend Poinky Malaprop). If you know what the latin word "indagatrix" means these posts will be self explanatory, and if you don't look it up and exercise your brain - it's good for you.

Today we're exploring the Second Life island of Leo Burnett. If you are not familiar with this icon of advertising, then while you are looking up indagatrix, spend some time learning about this creative genius and his company.

The apple story is an important piece of Leo Burnett legend and it was a logical extension to erect an enormous apple tree on the island. The development was commissioned by Millions of Us, but the work of crafting what might be the largest single tree in Second Life fell to Foolish Frost. This avi can build a tree.

The inside of the Tree (I feel like it should be a proper noun on this island) has a library, garden and museum to explore as well as a few platform type observation decks. Which reminds me, I'd love to play a live music gig in a tree!

The apple tree is the island centerpiece, but it is offset by smaller interesting fantasy-like structures built by Versu Millionsofus. Versu, of the Datavision sponsored 3 days in real life/second life fame, developed a series of fantasy like platforms and birdhouse dwellings that are so cute I may just move in.

Visit Leo Burnett's place in Second Life. You can clutter your inventory with a flying pencil .. from which we know come big ideas, and who doesn't need one of those?
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