Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Second Life Indagatrix: The Wastelands

I'm not sure why I have a fascination with industrial waste, but I do. Maybe I spent to much time breathing the cool Appalachian breezes as a child and the contrast is needed for spiritual balance, but for whatever reason I have some innate appreciation for rusted steel and decay. I don't want to live in it, mind you, I just like to observe which is why today's indagatrix moment thrills me so.

Welcome to The Wastelands. According to the note card you can retrieve upon arrival:
The Wastelands are a set of residential post apocalyptic sims. If you're trying to picture it in your head, think along the lines of: Fallout, Mad Max, Judge Dredd, Tank Girl, Auto Assault, Half Life 2, NeoCron, etc.
Be still my post war heart.

I stumbled around the sim for a while until I saw what I *thought* was an ironical display of a partly embedded Reuters news board, but upon closer inspection found it to be the hovel, sweet hovel, of none other than Warren Ellis aka Integral Danton in world. I purchased one of Integral's offerings, a book entitled 13 that includes 13 "flash fictions" from the man himself. I *actually* purchased 2 items but alas, the Second Life under lords decided that only the one would be delivered to my inventory. I'm sure it's for the best, the other had to much "zen" in the title and I may have been forced to start writing reviews. But, I digress.

The Wastelands sim is a mix of residential and commercial plots, most obeying the "stick to the theme" covenant with the exception of Warren's shiny Reuterism which unfortunately is thrust into the very heart of the sim but if you click your heels and spin around three times you may not even notice.
The sim business model is that of a land reseller, or an intermediary. In this case, you do not have to be a subscriber to "own" land, you purchase and pay tier directly from the sim owner, and resell at your leisure. It is a model that reflects the creativity of entrepreneurs in Second Life, and one that has become rather popular. Azure Islands may have been the largest entrant in this space, making way for many others in recent months due to the burgeoning population and scarcity of mainland and now even more so as the First Land program has been eliminated.

So if you have to some time to kill and are wondering where to wear your favorite Tank Girl tank and combat boots ... take a walk to The Wastelands.

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