Sunday, April 01, 2007

Second Life Indagatrix: Get Your Trek On

I knew the time would come when I'd admit my secret weakness for .. Star Trek. And yes, it was with great glee that I stumbled across an event listing today which read:
Admiral - There Be Whales Here!
The Star Trek Museum invites you to meet the newest members of our family, George and Gracie. These humpback whales were brought here from the 20th century by Admiral James T. Kirk in an effort to re-populate the species. They can be viewed from the observation area to the south of the Star Trek Museum. TovaDok II (89, 213, 23)
I had to read it three or four times since oddly enough, the only reason I found this little slice of heaven was that it was listed under the Live Music category. Yes, I have heard the mermaids singing, but whale watching listed under live music events? I think it's a creative stretch. Live music in Second Life is so popular that it's practically the only category people actively seek out from the events which has made it vulnerable to piles of misplaced (i.e. spam) listings. But, this was Star Trek's George and Gracie, and most was forgiven.

Sabri Piccard is the TovaDok II owner and Star Trek Science museum curator, and his handiwork is a skillful mix of creativity and collaboration, as many of the museum pieces such as the star field are shared or open source works. The museum itself is expansive and well done with abundant literature about each section. There are far too many features to list here, and Sabri's museum site offers far more interesting content than I could hope to produce. Hop on this SLurl and take a look for yourself. Take your time and look around, I think you too will be impressed.

I got a sneak peek at George and Gracie, both fine examples of Megaptera novaeangliae and the creation of Kaikou Splash of Splash Aquatics. I could not gather images to do them justice, but here is a machinima piece of another humpback whale resident at Commonwealth. If you go to the watch watching platform, be sure to pick up a note card which contains many interesting tidbits and a bonus whale plushy, courtesy of T'Sora Enoch.

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