Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Am I becoming a jaded Second Lifer?

I found myself at UGS Innovation Connection island today. While doing some research this morning, I stumbled upon another "we're the first" press release, bookmarked it and decided to travel there this afternoon.

Suffice it to say, I am unimpressed and as such, I won't provide you much gratis scoop on who escorted Siemens to this lovely build. Someone who may have forgotten to turn on auto return so that Danield Runo could set up shop with his L$10 "BIG WOODY" truck (visible in the top right hand corner of this photo) that "will most likely explode crossing a sim line." And ironically, "Plz pick up your car parts when I does", which is apparently not often enough.

The build really is lovely. It has a nice design and lay-out but I'm just uninspired, especially when my expectations were set at the global innovation network level:
“Our launch in Second Life is just one example of how UGS continues to push into uncharted areas and experiment with ways to better deliver on our vision of Global Innovation Networks,” said Dave Shirk, executive vice president, Global Marketing, UGS. “With the natural focus we have on 3D content creation and collaboration, the large number of our customers establishing Second Life presence, it was only logical that we would take a dive into Second Life. We look forward to interacting with innovators everywhere who are interested in developing new ways of bringing innovative products to market.”
I may becoming jaded in my perspective especially as I spend more time with people talking *about* Second Life that are not *in* Second Life, or those that dropped in long enough to get dazed and confused and left.

I started thinking about this type of "consumer" yesterday as part of a new product idea, and as I consider it more seriously I think we are seeing a new type of divide. We had the digital divide, and now we have the participation divide - a gap in the desire and ability of people to embrace the very underpinnings of the new social media movement. Is it a small gap or will it grow? Right now, the typical percentage of total participants versus voyeurs is somewhere between 1 and 10%. What will that mean to the rising tide of user generated, wikified, twitterpated, mashed up content? I don't know, but I don't think I'm finding the answer here next to the UGS Lego Toy Assembly model.

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