Sunday, May 20, 2007

Robots in Second Life

I *adore* robots, but not just any robots, mind you. Rosie is my true heroine as are any old school robots that say please and thank you. Imagine my delight when today when by the luck of a complete accident I found the clever Luxe Alabaster's Robot Playground & Editions in the middle of Dreamland's Alphanumeric Shores sim.

Summon a "butler" and get carried to the store to get your own set of robotic joy. Luxe's robot store is suspended 250m above the storefront and is packed with lovely robotic creations to delight your visual receptors. The robot family includes the Atomic Falcon, Digit, Rob, Krazy Legz, Telly and Milton in various forms (including thoes for tinies!) as avatars, a plane, transport butlers, shoulder buddies and devoted pets.

Get a robot and make your Second Life complete.

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