Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is That You, Mistah Rogers?

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Last week Salome sent me link fodder for our I Have To Tell You Something podcast. There were three auto-tune remixes of old PBS shows and as such, I imagined we would talk about auto-ruining the music (and video) industry, or maybe how stories are (not) better remixed in video than in games, or at a stretch - how curious is it that PBS is remixing old television shows on YouTube using auto-tune?

Not so much.

We didn't get one gasp beyond my expressed horror of one particular video: Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind. I called it disturbing and creepy, but I am sure there are far better words to adequately describe the mind-bending, unadulterated terror sparked by this particular remix.

Have a look and judge for yourself.

Admit it; it's wicked creepy. I mean - way beyond the crypt - creepy. Not just because it's Mr. Rogers, but because it ruthlessly embeds itself into your psyche like a ceti eel. With all due respect to creative remixer MelodySheep, this thing is keeping me up at night.

Maybe you found it to be awesome. We disagree; I get that. What I didn't expect to discover is that some people have a Harlequin-like affection for Mr. Rogers.
'I tell you', he cried, 'this man has enlarged my mind.'
                                                                           - Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
In this episode of I Have To Tell You Something we discover Salome's kryptonite buried deep beneath the neighborhood trolley tracks. Once that crystalline wonder was tapped, could I just let it go? Certainly not - we just slipped deeper into the jungle.

Come with us, but proceed with caution.

To clear up whatever misconceptions Ms. Strangelove may have left you with, I am not a Mr. Rogers antagonist (despite my Mr. Green Jeans confusion) but I am not exactly a doe-eyed agnostic either. He's just not a celebrated personal childhood hero despite his puppets, folk lore and folkisms.

My point is - even heroes can be remixed into a creepy mess. Believe me not, do you?

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