Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whale Songs

image courtesy http://www.dosits.org/
I prefer to call him Tiny Tim. He sings at a much higher frequency than other baleen whales and he's a bit "out there" when it comes to what we've come to consider normal whale behavior. Others have simply dubbed it the 52 Hertz whale, based on his unique musical talent.

Never seen up close and in whale, this recluse has been tracked hydroponically by NOAA since around 1989. Tiny Tim fails to follow traditional migration paths and by all accounts, he or she is all alone. Whatever you call it, this is a whale of a mystery.

In this week's I Have To Tell You Something podcast, Salome and I (we're back, we missed you too!) discuss the what-ifs of this tenor whale, running randomly along the coast.

Is this wayward whale lost and lonely, or a happy-to-be-on-my-own crafty whale dodger?
(Hint: he can probably see Sarah Palin from his atypical migratory path near Alaska)

And what might this whale teach us about cloning a Tasmanian Tiger?
(Hint: use alcohol)

You make the call.
(Hint: don't use replacement refs)

In case our prattle this week left you feeling empty, then might I suggest a home craft project? Make your own whale tracking hydrophone out of things just lying around your house.

If that doesn't work, try listening to this 52 Hertz whale mix tape during your next hot yoga session. (Note: this is the real whale song, you will need to listen on a real audio system)

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