Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Garden in Second Life

The Garden is a respite for wayward souls and secret artifacts in Second Life®. Within it stand seven Guardian spirits, once charged with defending The Garden and her sacred grounds. But over the years, each one of the Guardians fell in betrayal against that which they were bound to serve, and each faced a penance for their betrayal.

Forever trapped in folds of flora, the Guardians whisper secrets and lost artifacts tell no lies. If you listen carefully, you have a chance to uncover the true essence of The Garden. Think of it as the game of life, with consequences.

In this episode of I Have To Tell You Something, Salome and I divulge precisely none of the secrets of The Garden in 8 minutes. Perhaps you will find a way to forgive us our transgressions, but I doubt it.

The Garden's secrets are here.

Episode notes:

What is The Garden?
Initially a distraction to keep Salome from closing the Seven Veils Sim in Second Life, The Garden has grown into a tangle of secrets that unfold in a game. I'd tell you more of the story, but that's a secret.

When can I play?
That's a great question. We plan to launch by November 9th, but only if we gather enough beta gnomes to fill in the little round holes with a #2 pencil so Trav can finally sleep soundly at night.

Will I fall in?
Fear not. The Schwarzschild radius for The Garden is infinitesimal, unlike that of Salome's inventory.

Where's the story?
It's coming. No really, it is.

How can I donate to the American Red Cross to help with Sandy relief efforts?
You can donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Another easy path is to donate via iTunes. Perhaps the best option is to visit redcross.org and make a donation there.

Did Salome really say that at the end?
Yes she did. Welcome to my reality.

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