Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Congratulazioni Mario

This post is nothing but gush about the most recent accomplishment of my dear friend Frank Koolhaas in Second Life. Frank, aka Mario Gerosa just had his book entitled "Second Life" published in Italy by Meltemi.

When I first met Frank in late 2006, I was immediately drawn to his exuberance and wonderful Italian charm and I am sure much of this is reflected in his book. Frank and I are one third of the Kuurian Expedition leadership, we are the domestic and international "Consul", as appointed by Poinky Malaprop. Our on-going friendship is one of those classic and cherished conincidences that seem to be so prevalent in Second Life. During one of our first conversations, Frank declared that he was going to write a book and at that time I was certain it would be primarily about his passion - architecture - but in the end, Frank wrote about the cultures and trends of the Second Life experience from art, architecture, sex, business, travel and law as relayed by numerous Second Life residents and their diverse perspectives.

Frank presented the book to the SL community at a Kuurian event on Monday and in true Frank form, even had the publisher in world to participate in the discussion. An English version should be released, although during the presentation to the SL community on Monday the time frame was not specific.

If my Italian was better, I would highlight some of my favorite parts, but so far all I've translated is the section I wrote in the chapter "Piccolo dizionario enciclopedico per il futuro di SL". Go get a copy!
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